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Alumina’s alter ego is Shena Banks, a true warrior at heart. Being more keenly aware of the social ills of both her parent's country of origin from which they fled and America, Shena is defined by a strong sense of justice that is the primary driver of her actions. She desires more than anything to fight the injustices she sees everywhere, with a passion that spills over into righteous anger at times. Hers is a restless energy that resists idleness and laziness: she is constantly driven to push harder, not often stopping to meet her own emotional needs. This is especially the case with regards to her younger brother, who she stoically protects from the world, and occasionally, himself. Alumina is truly the most valiant warrior on the team, but she can be uncompromising: when she fails to mete out justice as she sees fit, she is vulnerable to frustration and despair.


Power metaphor: Aluminum is the poster material for the recycling industry, being used almost everywhere and being theoretically 100% recyclable. As society is made aware of its failings through recycling campaigns largely focused on Aluminum, Shena strives to campaign and fight to correct the damage done by societal ills, many of which shaped her upbringing. Aluminum's durable and lightweight properties reflect her fighting style, and it's intense reflectivity a fitting metaphor for her quest to turn the forces that acted on her whole life into a shining light; another one of her powers.

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