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Arc's alter ego is Tim Heman and by outward appearance, is the sober and level-headed shot caller of the team. Kody did not choose him to be the leader of Earth Team Green; he just stepped into that role and nobody questioned it- except Tim himself. For him, nothing in life has ever been simple. He struggles on the inside, as he always has, with his purpose in the world and the weight of being both a super hero and a leader. Arc has an unquiet mind and an occasionally dark demeanor that saw him rebelling socially in his youth. When it is time for action, Arc steps up and acts with no hesitation, only to worry and agonize over his decisions later, and over his fitness to be the leader. He fails to realize that this quality is exactly what makes him a fit leader.

Power metaphor: Steel is strong and makes up much of the infrastructure of our lives, as Arc is strong and provides the team's structure through his careful leadership. His potent heat beams, like the intense and harsh heat needed to alloy steel, reflect the fury of his causeless rebel upbringing; he burned a lot of people and relationships as a youth. As steel is made from iron, a common but weaker and less pure metal, Arc must forge himself anew into a more stable and strong person.

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