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Corrugator’s alter ego is James Harrison, a stoic and proud Native American, serving as the rock of stability in the center of Earth Team Green. Being totally lost and adrift as a youth, he has had a spiritual awakening after meeting Kody: a rekindling of faith and sense of purpose and family now that he is the Corrugator. He has finally learned to embrace his native cultural heritage and sees Kody as a guide and mentor figure, putting him in touch with his roots. Like Alumina, James' emotions can run away with him when he isn't properly centered: a relic from the frustrations of his difficult and listless upbringing. When acting in anger, he can make rash decisions and finds himself apologizing to others for the damage in the aftermath.

Power metaphor: James' strength and durability is a simple metaphor for his spiritual strength. He was once a drifting youth with no aim or purpose, but his transformation made strong as much by giving him agency in his life as making him a superhero. He is much like what corrugated pulp is; weaker components shaped and combined in such a way to create a solid structure that is more than the sum of its parts.

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