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Extreme’s alter ego is Shen Zhang, an excitable and brilliant consummate problem solver. Whereas the world is a giant puzzle to Eligia, to Shen it is a box of Legos. His is a tireless mind, restlessly working out solutions to problems, never slowing down for others' convenience. He can be opaque or difficult to follow for most everyone else, but anyone could recognize the infectious enthusiasm for his work that propels him to invention. His imagination can be quite an issue sometimes; his focus on the present situation is always tenuous, and he often needs the more grounded members of the team to focus his attention where it is needed most. It is also hard for him to empathize with others: being mechanically minded, he sometimes says things that are insensitive to others without intending it or even realizing it.

Power metaphor: Shen's inventing and abilities with technology are both his supernatural gift and his passion. He taps into the potential of normally mundane objects, much the way his inventive mind sees possibilities where no one else does. His affinity for extreme activities and pushing boundaries also reflects well in his powers, which stem from science and technology.

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