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Glass Warrior's alter ego is Eligia Salazar, a quiet and wise, and the most introverted team member, filling the role of the mystical guide when Kody is not around. She is actually almost an understudy for Kody, seeking the larger mysteries of these strange, supernatural forces acting on Earth. Eligia is slow to speak, and is often distracted by her perceptions of the arcane or lost in thought. The world is a massive puzzle for her, and solving it has been her mission since she was a child, having given up long ago at social pursuits or fitting in with others. She is on the path of the seer, possessing talents of perception similar to Kody; this will make her able to fight the Le'Tarr on a mystical level in a way the others can not-but it will also make her uniquely vulnerable to them. Despite her aloof presence, she possesses a dry wit and sense of humor that is sometimes difficult for the others to understand.


Power metaphor: Glass reflects, refracts, and transmits light; light is what the mystic Eligia hopes to bring to the world. Her supernatural perceptions make her into the prism by which she can reflect her potent understanding to the world to the rest of the team. Glass is simultaneously strong and fragile: a duality that is reflected in her personality and relation to the Le'Tarr enemies Earth Team Green is up against.


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