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Kody: Being something much more than human and possessing an awareness of the inner workings of the whole planet, Kody is understandably the least human of the team in terms of reliability. She is mature and stable, but plays the role of inscrutable mentor figure, and has the least amount of obvious human frailties. She is the embodiment of responsibility and sober clarity. Kody is fascinated by 'normal' humans in a way, as she only associates with us up to a point; often coming across as an alien visitor learning about human culture more than a person. This is often amusing to the members of Earth Team Green, who derive great humor from the gaps in her understanding and her sometimes humorous questions about things they take for granted.

Power metaphor: Kody has the ability to bend time and harness the forces of nature and renewable resources. She is a descendant of the Miami Indian Tribe yet has no memory of her past but has full knowing of the destiny and fate of Earth Team Green and this planet called Earth.

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