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Plasticity's alter ego is Victoria Hampton whose shyness hides a palpable energy of empathy and kindness. In many ways, she is the team's innocence and hope made manifest; she believes in people to a fault and tunes in to the emotions of others as naturally as breathing, which is a double-edged sword. Sometimes this enables her to sense the hurt in others and offer warmth and kindness to them in a moment of need. Other times she draws too deeply from a dark or negative source and totally withdraws into herself, becoming that isolated and hopeless young woman who made herself a recluse before becoming a super hero. A large part of her innocence to the world is the extreme privilege she knew growing up; her worldview lacks complexity, which can cause her to fail to understand the source of the emotions she senses so easily from her teammates.

Power metaphor: Victoria embodies the reality of plastic as it is on Earth now; created to be sterile, safe, and helpful. But as litter, it is damaging and doesn't fit in with its environment. She has to stretch herself metaphorically to expand her worldview and become more assertive- and in so doing shape herself into the hero the team needs her to be.

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