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Volt’s alter ego is Ryan Owens, charged up and full of energy, potential, and I can’t fail attitude. Ryan the Volt is the youngest of the Eco-Heroes and at times seeks the wisdom of the older members due to his youthful years and exposure to life experiences. He is relentlessly outgoing and motivated; extroverted and jovial. He simply doesn't understand quitting or defeat, treating all obstacles as hurdles to overcome, and he motivates his teammates with this can-do spirit. However, his ego presents a challenge; especially with his new super powers and with the help of Kody is working to harness and control his awesome powers of electricity and dormant energy of e-waste which are now at his beck and call. Ryan has taken on the "younger brother" position on Earth Team Green, and being such the other members of Earth Team Green will not and do not tolerate anyone trying to persuade or influence Ryan to use his powers for the wrong reasons. 

Power metaphor: Ryan is like electricity itself; fast, energetic, and vital but also destructive when aimed the wrong way. Like his speed powers, he is blinding and fast; difficult to pin down or hold him accountable. But nobody knows how to energize and motivate like the Volt.

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